Michael’s guide to Seoul

Things to eat

Korean BBQ:
Great restaurant with lots of side dishes. Try the pork belly and the beef.

Unlimited tuna sashimi – Dongwon VIP Tuna:
Located inside the Koreana Hotel on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Starts from around 45.000 per person. Absolutely worth it.

Kyochon chicken:
Best fried chicken in Korea. Get the original (not boneless) and the honey chicken. It’s a chain so there are many locations all over Seoul.

Jinnampo Myeonok – North Korean steamed chicken
Definitely off the beaten track. The area is nothing special but the chicken is great and very different than anything else you’ll try in Seoul.

Things to do:

Mullae – industrial arts districts
Mullae is the up and coming area in Seoul. It’s an area full of car repair shops and industrial buildings, mixed with small cafés, art galleries and restaurants. Aim for Old Mullae, a restaurant and café and be sure to explore all the small alleys surrounding the place. Great area for taking photos.

The most trendy place in Seoul at the moment. Go here on a weekday to avoid the crowds. Exit 3 at Honggik University station will take you to the park. Walk along the park and check out the side streets on the right hand side of the park, all the way to the end of the park. Great place to bring a picnic mat and relax for a while.

Siloam – Korean traditional Sauna
A must try in Seoul, the traditional sauna and spa is something you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Weekdays are best to avoid the crowds. You’ll start with hot/cold pools and saunas (men and women are separated here), get dressed in the provided shorts and t-shirts and head into the common room where men and women can both go. Here you’ll find more saunas, a restaurant and much more.

Samsung D’Light
Pretty cool place to get a glimpse of the future, the way Samsung imagines it. You can try different smart home and tech based experienced in a relaxed environment. Interesting place to spend an hour or so.

4DX and luxury Cinemas
Seoul offers many interesting cinema experiences like 4DX, where chairs are moving, smoke, water and wind is being sprayed on you and much more. You can also check out the extremely comfortable VIP cinemas with huge armchairs, couches and full service. Cineinkorea.com is a good resource for finding showtime and ticket information. You can also just book the tickets by going directly to the cinemas (or contact me and i’ll book for you).

VERS House
Super cool café with flowers everywhere. Very unique interior and very cool atmosphere. You can sit outside as well with a view to Yeonnam-dong park. Highly recommended.

MOMA Seoul – Modern Museum of Contemporary Art
Huge art gallery with lots of different exhibitions ongoing. Very high quality of exhibitions. Right next to the main palace in Seoul. Great for a rainy day.

Ikseondong Hanok Village
Walk across the street from exit 4 at Jong-no 3-ga and explore the many cool alleys and old hanok style houses in the area. Start with a coffee at Hotel Seine (go to the top floor for the best view). Great place to take photos. Crowded on weekends so go early or on weekdays.